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banner-textLineWarp wants to remove long lines from society

Aside from electronic table menus (which we also do), most mobile and in-store mobile technology is meant to reduce or obliterate wait times. The smartphone crowd are starting to realize that waiting around for food is an archaic relic of the 1900’s.

Waiting in line or waiting for your order is one of the most boring experiences we still have to deal with in the 2st century. In this weird new future, people get a bad rap for wanting “instant gratification” but that’s not what it really is. People really just seek to avoid boredom.

Our restaurant ordering apps will prevent people from ever having to wait around, and your patrons will love you for it! Because our apps are custom branded and we don’t put our tramp stamp all over it, you get all the credit for being a cutting edge innovator!

LineWarp makes your life easier, not harder

After working in the software industry for decades, the geeks and LineWarp understand that business owners do not want to be bothered with this stuff. You don’t want a vendor who is going to bog you down with a million questions or annoy you by making you perform the setup yourself. You want somebody you can trust to take this side of the business off your plate and do a stellar job. You’re not going to ask your software developer to help with food prep, are you?*

We do NOT want to complicate your life. LineWarp’s goal is to make life easier for restaurant owners. Your business is serving great food, not the minutia of digital ordering technology. You need a restaurant technology partner who will get their arms around this stuff for you and carry your restaurant into the 21st century… without you having to lift a finger!

*But if you did we would definitely give it a shot for fun!

We want to grow with you!

“Scalability” is just geek speak for “this can grow as big as you need it to.” The limitation is only on the size of your facility.  If you lay out two touchscreen order stations and the lines start to pile up again, just add another order station. If you open up multiple locations, LineWarp comes with you easily. Our software scales with your business so you’ll never have to worry about finding a replacement when you hit the big time!