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Touchscreen Ordering for Restaurants and Food Trucks


Thanks to the mobile revolution or the past decade, touch technology has never been more affordable. Touch screen ordering installations that used to cost tens of thousands of dollars can now be done on a $30 refurbished tablet and a couple cheap pieces of hardware. The only missing component is the software you’ll need to run it, and that’s where LineWarp has you covered.

Touch screen ordering will take your restaurant or food truck to the next level with benefits you may not have considered.

Benefits of touchscreen ordering

  • Reduces or completely destroys long lines.
    Standing in line is annoying and touchscreen devices obliterate lines by decreasing order time and inefficient interactions.
  • Eliminates frustrating customer interactions; promotes meaningful interactions.
    Instead of having to repeat the options to every single customer, it’s right there in front of them with zero room for confusion. Unencumbered by the order taking process, you are now free to have meaningful, high quality interactions with your patrons.
  • Takes human error out of the equation.
    No more wrong, wasted orders due to misunderstandings. Patrons orders exactly what they want with zero room for human communication error.
  • Drastically reduces labor demands; increases efficiency. 
    With a touchscreen ordering station, you
  • Multiple order stations; multiple lines.
    More tablets means more ordering stations; add as many as your needs demand!  Multiple screens means multiple lines and an exponential increase in customer flow and foot traffic.
  • User-friendly modern technology improves your restaurant’s image.
    People love when you make their life easier, and they’ll remember “that one coffee shop that doesn’t make you stand in line!”