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Mobile ordering for restaurants and food trucks


banner-textEvery one of your patrons has a touch-screen ordering device right in their pockets. With a little LineWarp magic, you can let your customers use those devices to order ahead, request delivery, or skip the line when things get too busy.

Best of all, there’s no waiting around. The customer is alerted to pick up the order when it’s ready.

Benefits of Mobile Ordering

  • Works seamlessly with your existing point-of-sale system.
    No need to learn a new technology, LineWarp leverages your existing Stripe, Square, Vend, LightSpeed, Erply, and Kounta accounts. Continue to manage your products and orders using the tools that are familiar to you.
  • Allow customers to avoid lines and waiting around.
    Many people hate lines so much that they’ll ditch their first lunch pick for something else just to avoid standing in one. Giving them a mobile option leaves them with no excuse!
  • At events like concerts or festivals, your customers can order ahead.
    Enjoy the concert, ride some rides, or hit up that much needed bathroom break. We’ll alert them when the food’s ready so they don’t have to miss the action.
  • Your own custom, branded app adds appeal and professionalism to your business.
    Having your own beautiful, elegant, custom app will set you apart and give you a technological edge over your competition.
  • Accept cash or credit, the order gets beamed directly into your existing POS.
    For efficiency’s sake, you don’t want to have to manage products and orders in multiple places. You need everything to filter into a single place: the POS system you’re already familiar with!

Restaurant mobile app screenshots

Your custom app should represent your restaurant’s unique brand and style. LineWarp will work with you to get everything set up and looking perfect, the way you want it! We’re not satisfied until you are.

mobile app for restaurants screen

phone app for restaurant

custom app for restaurants