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Obliterate unsightly lines!

LineWarp reduces lines, thus increasing traffic. Every food vendor knows that long lines cause customers to bail and choose another establishment.

Reduce annoying compulsory wait time.

Your customer’s phone will buzz when the order is ready. In the meantime they can take a walk, check out a boutique, feed some ducks… whatever! Anything but stand around waiting.

Simple Inventory Controls

LineWarp allows you to switch items on and off based on availability, time of day, or any other criteria you wish to specify.

Point of Sale (POS) integration

LineWarp integrates with most POS systems. Don’t have a POS system? Not a problem. LineWarp comes with everything you need to take orders, charge credit cards, and issue receipts if needed.

Touch screen ordering system

Vendors may install the LineWarp app to their own tablets or computers to instantly create an in-store electronic ordering system. It can even be used at tables as electronic menu!

Secure and Private

LineWarp encrypts all transactions to secure the privacy and financial data of food vendors and their customers.