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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LineWarp app?

The LineWarp App is an app that will enhance the profits of any restaurant or food truck owner by providing the customer the convenience of ordering at the palm of their hand.

How does LineWarp work? 

Business managers will customize menu and promotions through easy-to-use LineWarp port.  When menu and logistics are set, LineWarp restaurant app will go live. Customers will be encouraged to download app.

Upon following visits and with a simple touch of the hand, customer can easily order and pay for their order.  Business will get a notification of this transaction to prepare order.  Once order is finished, customer will get the heads up that order is ready.

Why use LineWarp?

-Customers can order items and make secure transaction via iOS or Android app

-Flexible menu allows each manager to easily add or delete any menu items.  Also can adjust pricing based on promotions.

-Businesses can easily integrate LineWarp Orders with pre-existing POS systems such as Aloha/Radiant, Square, and PayPal.

-(For food truck vendors) App will enable owners to “check-into” location in order to notify customers within vicinity that Food Truck is in operation.

-Owners can worry less about lines and rowdy crowds

-Customers will not have to waste their time in long lines which will enhance their experience.

-Happy Customer Means Returning Customer!

-Shorter Turnover, Higher Profit Margin for your Business!


What are the special features of the LineWarp App?

-is easy to customize to adjust menu items, specials, and price

-has an easy to use POS system which can track performance, inventory, and sales in realtime

-has an easy integration to already existing POS systems such as Square or Paypal.

-will link to Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LivingSocial, and Groupon to increase brand awareness

-Vendors and customers can determine what items are in stock.

-will notify customers of promotions

-(for kiosks with shipping component) can obtain customer’s address to initiate order process to ensure timely delivery

-has a separate app for business owners to track inventory, sales performance, and profits