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Electronic Menus

From sub shops to giant family feedbag franchises, restaurants across the globe are starting to digitize their menus. Electronic, tablet-based menus provide some fabulous benefits to food service providers.

  • Smooth, modern, touch-based ordering system signifies that your business is ahead of the technological curve.
  • Customers prefer the ease of use and touch-screen simplicity of online ordering.
  • Electronic ordering instantly reduces lines for ordering – that’s why we call ourselves LineWarp!
  • Speed and efficiency is drastically improved (Think of the difference between a sandwich shop with a touch screen vs. one where you have to interact with a human.)
  • Almost complete elimination of human error, as customers and staff do not have to communicate orders.
  • Language barriers obliterated when English is not the first language of the orderer or order taker. Let computers smooth the transition with multiple language options for order and payment.
  • For table-based restaurants, it can drastically reduce staffing needs, allowing restaurants to pay higher competitive wages for top quality service professionals.

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