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Customers hate long lines

Studies show that as many as 100% of people hate standing in lines. LineWarp’s mission is to wipe lines off the face of the earth by leveraging the power of mobile technology.

Many people will opt for their second favorite choice when presented with a long line. “Oof,” they lament, “Let’s dine elsewhere!”

Well not anymore! LineWarp give you the line-busting tools you need to make sure you never lose customer. With smartphone and in-store touchscreen order pad options, if your line ever piles up again it’s time to open a new store!

Infinitely scalable

“Scalability” is just geek speak for “this can grow as big as you need it to.” The limitation is only on the size of your facility.  If you lay out two touchscreen order stations and the lines start to pile up again, just add another order station. If you open up multiple locations, LineWarp comes with you easily. Our software scales with your business so you’ll never have to worry about finding a replacement when you hit the big time!

LineWarp’s goal is to make life easy for restaurant owners. Your business is serving great food, not the minutia of mobile ordering technology. You need a partner who will get their arms around this stuff for you and carry your restaurant into the 21st century… without you having to lift a finger!